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Have you ever had the experience where you’ve revamped, redesigned or redecorated your home or office space and the outcome was so different, SO much better, that you could hardly remember what it looked and felt like before?

Yeah, me too.

The other day I was poking around my computer digging into some of the before and after photos of client spaces I’ve designed and revamped and Feng Shui’ed over the years… and you know what happened?

I was shocked.

It was like my brain had completely erased the memory of how different the spaces were before and how transformed the same space was afterwards.

So… today I am sending you a photographic love letter, to give you an idea of how your healing space could look and feel and how you might not be able to imagine it otherwise…

Here we go…

(Below) Medical massage practice BEFORE


(Below) Medical massage practice AFTER


(Below) Yoga studio & massage practice BEFORE


(Below) Yoga studio & massage practice AFTER


(Below) Dental practice waiting room BEFORE


(Below) Dental practice waiting room AFTER


My intention of sharing these is to inspire you to imagine what your dream healing space could look and feel like.

Then imagine how your patients and staff would love being in your practice every single day.

And finally, imagine how your new space could take your business to the next level.

Get the help you need to start revamping your health or wellness space here.

Wholeheartedly Yours,