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Okay, this may be getting a little personal, but I’m going to share it with you anyway.

I have this thing I do every time I see a Rolly-Polly bug on our bathroom floor.

I stop everything I’m doing, gently pick up the little guy and relocate her or him outside to an area where I know the Rolly-Polly communities live.

And yes, that means when I see adults and baby Rolly-Pollies inside our home, I make sure they make it outside to safety.

It’s become such a norm in our household, I’ll often bring my new friend over to Philip and say, “Hey meet my new friend.”

And he’ll often respond with, “Hello little guy, nice to meet you.”

Then we both giggle-out-loud.

This small act of kindness brings us immense joy.

I could be in the worst possible mood and when I see a little Rolly-Polly, my frown instantly turns upside down.

I could easily make the opposite choice and kill these guys by flushing them down the toilet, for example, and most likely it would not make me feel better, even if I’m pissed off as heck.

My big message to you today?

Sometimes, oftentimes, and always, the smallest acts of kindness can yield the biggest rewards for both the giver and the receiver.

What gift can you give in your healing, healthcare, medical or other wellness space that can turn your frown [and those of your patients, clients and staff] upside down?

Is it a cup of herbal tea you offer to your patient or client who is in emotional pain?

Or is it a comfortable chair with bad-ass lumbar support in a quiet area of your facility where a client has an opportunity to cry in peace?

These acts of kindness are how we heal the world.

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With love from me and my Rolly-Polly friends,