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Happy Day After Thanksgiving Sweet Possoms!

Yesterday, Philip put on his man apron and cooked us an intimate dinner for two à la gourmet vegan and with a new secret sauce he fiercely protected the ingredients of until last tonight. I was officially banned from the kitchen.

Needless to say, I loved the secret sauce, the exquisite dinner, and my free pass on cooking this year. Hurrah!

Instead, I snuggled with our fur-babies under a warm blanket, trying to decide what binge watching was going to happen. I still couldn’t decide and ended up watching Hallmark movies instead.

Speaking of secret sauces here’s one for you and your healthcare or wellness space you probably don’t know about.

This design secret sauce centers around how to use the color pink in a space to maximize the benefits of the color of love.

Here’s the story:

Legendary Hollywood designer William “Billy” Haines was a big shot interior designer to the stars in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Billy, who was besties with Joan Crawford—one of the most celebrated Hollywood actresses of the time— designed many of the Hollywood homes where she often hosted large celebrity parties. And parties were a huge deal back then.

Billy painted the ceilings of those party rooms his preferred pink/coral color in order to cast a rosy glow on the faces of the guests (and the hostess) below. Coupled with strategic lighting, this worked very well, and Joan Crawford loved it.

The rosy glow from above not only made people look better, but also had the added effect of uplifting moods.

I tried this secret sauce in my own home once by painting the walls and the ceiling of our bathroom in a pink coral color.

An attractive rosy glow was cast onto my face every time I looked into the bathroom mirror and it was like getting a shot of happy every time I turned on the bathroom light. Visitors to the bathroom felt the same way.

I encourage you to try this in your staff or patient/client bathroom and witness the results.

5 Effects Of The Color Pink

  1. Pink is the color of love, kindness and compassion.
  2. Pink is the color of hope.
  3. Pink is a positive color, inspiring warm and comforting feelings and a sense that everything will be okay.
  4. Pink is a feminine intuitive color, reflecting the feminine aspect of design.
  5. Many men appreciate pink and feel the benefits of being under her powerful spell.

And finally, did you know the color pink was used on the walls of maximum security prisons in the 1970’s to calm some of the most violent criminals? It worked.

There’s power in the color pink, rose, coral and all her favorite blends.

Learn more about how to use pink (and other intelligent paint colors) in your health or wellness space in my book, “The Color Cure: How to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.”

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Thank you for being a part of my inner circle. I so appreciate you.