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My client came to me with a unique problem you might relate to.

Her acupuncture practice, located a few floors up inside a larger building shared a hallway bathroom with the neighboring offices and clients of those businesses.

“So what was the problem?”, you ask.

As she put it, “Random people were coming into our office daily asking for directions to other offices, and asking for the bathroom door code.”

This was continuously disruptive and oftentimes frustrating as it would take the receptionist’s work away from helping patients and finishing important admin work.

My client asked me what to do.

I gave her this Feng Shui advice:

Place 2 palm trees (one on each side of the door) in beautiful pots.

That’s it.

By doing this, I knew she would elevate the energy outside her front door and psychologically create a more professional and respectful vibe to those wanting to just come in randomly.

In Feng Shui, the two lady palms (or tall plants) represented body guards— one on each side of the front door calling for more respect. Who doesn’t respect body guards, right?

Plants also bring a therapeutic element to a space which made this Feng Shui medicine even better.

Here’s what she said after she placed the plants outside her front door:

“The annoying event of random strangers walking into my office asking for directions or asking for the code to the bathroom has stopped ever since I flanked my front doorway with the 2 Lady Palms.”  🙂

You can’t make this stuff up. #ilovefengshui

Have you ever used Feng Shui in your wellness space and if so did it make a huge difference like my client and her two lady palms did?

If so, send me an email here and in a few sentences tell me what happened.