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“I’m going to walk you through it, step by step,” I said to Dr. Andrea Maxim on episode 56 of the Profitable Practice Podcast, after she asked me how a Naturopathic Physician can start designing a therapeutic treatment room to increase comfort, patient retention rates and referral business.

Outside of working with clients, never before have I given such design detail for the treatment room.

Here are some of the questions Dr. Maxim asked me:

#1. Why is it important for someone to focus on how their clinic looks?
#2. What would you suggest to someone who doesn’t have their own clinic to design yet?
#3. How does having a desk play into meeting with patients?
#4. What would you recommend when it comes to lighting in an office?
#5. How should someone set up a waiting area?

Get the answers and the treatment room design tour right here, right now:

Yours in intelligent design,