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I know you can relate to this:

When you’re completely unsure about a decision or you need some clarity about something important and you turn to the one person you trust more than anyone else to help ease your mind…

And that one person happens to be your beloved, soulmate, lover, significant other, romantic partner, husband or wife…

The two times my husband was dead wrong:

#1) That time hubs tried to calm my worried soul when #45 started to use the executive order like a three-year old with unlimited access to chocolate cake by assuring me legislative branch would balance out executive order.

Nuh uh.

We all know how that ended up.

#2) That time I sat on the sofa in our home at the Oregon coast while endlessly searching on Craigslist for rentals in Sebastopol–about three months before we moved to the sunshine state—and hubs said, “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of rentals available for us.”

Nuh uh.

There’s a housing shortage in Sebastopol because it’s such a desirable place to live and it took us 6 months of living in Airbnb’s before we finally found our current forever home. [Totally worth the wait, by the way.]

If you think the design of your wellness space doesn’t effect your business, then you’re dead wrong too.

Here’s why:

1) Studies show that when patients and clients feel more comfortable in your health or wellness setting, their perception of your quality of care improves exponentially, and that’s good for your business.

2) Over the past fourteen years of designing wellness and healthcare businesses, I’ve seen referral business and patient/client retention rates increase at an average of 35% [and oftentimes more] within the first six months of installing a new design.

3) Evidence-based design elements like nature photography, soothing wall colors, natural and soft artificial lighting have been shown in case studies to reduce reliance on pain medications, accelerate healing, and release patients from the hospital sooner.

4) Indoor plants have been shown in case studies to improve productivity among staff, reduce stress and conflict among colleagues and co-workers.

All of the above save you money and help you grow your business.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting some aspect of redesigning your wellness or beauty biz, healthcare practice, facility, or other medical space, now’s the time to jump off that fence and get started.

Here’s the help you need:

With love from me and my hubs,