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Hi Sweet Peeps,

I was recently on the phone placing a new order for several clear quartz crystals from a small business that mines them in Arkansas.

I had a hard time understanding the sweet woman on the other end of the receiver [named Adel] because of her strong southern accent.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Um, could you repeat that last word please? I didn’t understand you.”

We both laughed our way through the order with me repeating my credit card number several times, and then ending the call.

The moment I hung up the phone, I giggled as I thought of Adel and her [funny yet endearing] Arkansas accent.

And then, in an instant aha moment, I realized that from Adel’s perspective, I was the one with the weird Californian accent.

Yes, she and I both speak English but our customs and culture including the sounds that come out of our mouths are very different.

And that means we see the world differently.

That got me thinking about your wellness space.

You, the doctor, healthcare practitioner or wellness professional, see the world in one way and your patients and clients see it in another way. 

You may see your wellness space as your place of work, while your patients and clients may see it as threatening, unsafe and uninviting.

This is where your patient-centered space becomes one of your most important allies in supporting your compassionate care. 

Your patient-centered space works on the biological and psychological levels to put all your peeps at ease regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, age, color, religion, skin tone and… accent.

Your restful and nurturing healthcare setting brings all of your clients and patients together in one space where they can equally enjoy your various offerings of well-being.

Hope, optimism, compassion and well-being all speak the universal language of LOVE.

And so does your space.

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