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The only book with 100% focus on teaching healthcare professionals how to easily DIY an evidence-based and nurturing design for your practice’s waiting room. With over 100 waiting room design illustrations, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed, inspired and guided to transform your waiting room into a space that delights patients and keeps referral business flourishing.

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In The Waiting Room Cure, Cheryl Janis lays out a blueprint and offers practical steps to help you turn up irresistible in your medical space. You cannot argue the evidence that design matters when inside medical offices you see up to an 85% increase in patient retention rates within the first year of the completion of a medical office redesign. Physicians must understand that "design" speaks louder than words ever will. They must visualize that their staff's attitude can color every aspect of their practice as well. The Waiting Room Cure is like a personal paintbrush all medical professionals can use to impact patient care and keep patients returning and referring.

Michael Tetreault | Editor-in-Chief | Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) | The DPC Journal

Cheryl's knowledge, insight and skill helped me create a beautiful and comforting environment for my team, my clients and patients! The wisdom she reveals in her latest book, The Waiting Room Cure, is your DIY opportunity to use those expert tools and knowledge to upgrade your own space to one you and your patients will truly love! What a gift!

Dr. Kristin Amundson-Speer DVM | Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

Cheryl offers great insight and support to therapists. She teaches them how to step up their office without spending too much time or money on the upgrade. Very practical!!!

Joe Sanock | Speaker, mental health counselor, business consultant and podcaster

I highly recommend The Waiting Room Cure by Cheryl Janis to any healthcare practitioner! The book itself is a visual treat filled with exquisite examples of waiting room designs that serve as great inspiration. Cheryl breaks down the process of designing and decorating a waiting room into simple, clear steps, which makes it easy to understand and implement. This book is a must-have for any healthcare professional that wants to DIY their own patient-centered waiting room with confidence.

Dr. Judith Hong | Redwood Family Dermatology


You'll learn:

Intro: What I Know for Certain

  1. Studies show that patients associate waiting rooms with cozy furnishings and decor with higher quality of care. (p15)
  2. When you choose to make your patients’ first experience in your space an exceptional one, you’ll find your business growing without having to invest in complicated advertising campaigns. (p14)
  3. Why Baby Boomers and Millennials have an enormous influence on the design of your medical or healthcare office. (p16)

Chapter 1: My Road to Healthcare Interior Design

  1. How a car accident at age 17 (after I leaned over to kiss my boyfriend!) almost took my life and put me on my path to healthcare design. (p16)
  2. My long road to recovery left me with an acute awareness of the patient experience. (p25)
  3. How I was able to design offices with soothing colors, artwork that helped reduce pain and how you can, too. (p26)

Chapter 2: Am I Safe Here? Establishing a Culture of Caring

  1. Understanding how an outdated healthcare space can make your patients (and clients!) feel more anxious. (p36)
  2. Empathy, highly sensitive people and how they affect your business. (p39)
  3. A patient-centered design = less time lost to marketing plans, sleepless nights, and worries about how your business is going to thrive. (p42)

Chapter 3: Know Who You Serve

  1. How to find out exactly the type of client or patient you want to attract to your business. (p48)
  2. Three steps to learning who your current patient base is before designing a waiting room they love. (p49)
  3. Save money (and time!) by getting clear about the basic demographics of your patients. (p54)

Chapter 4: You'll Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

  1. What your patient sees within the first 15 seconds of entering your waiting room could cost you their business. (p57)
  2. Two steps to designing a positive first impression that becomes a lasting one. (p59)
  3. Design illustrations of waiting rooms with positive first impressions. (pp62-81)

Chapter 5: Your Signage Is an Opportunity to Connect

  1. Why your signage helps your patients relax. (p87)
  2. Waiting room design illustrations with the best placement for your signage. (pp90-97)
  3. Learn why signage is an essential component to your branding. (p99)

Chapter 6: What Is the Best Wall Color for My Waiting Room?

  1. Learn how to balance your waiting room color palette to get that cozy vibe you're looking for. (p102)
  2. Are too many warm colors amping up your patients' anxiety levels? (p106)
  3. Waiting room design illustrations that have that perfect balance of cool to warm tones (pp111-116)

Chapter 7: The Living Room Design Secret

  1. Learn what patients now crave in your waiting room design and from you. (p121
  2. Learn what design elements are crucial to making your waiting room feel live a living room. (p122)
  3. Waiting room design details (and illustrations) that make patients feel nurtured and at home. (pp124-136)

Chapter 8: TV in the Waiting Room: Yay or Nay?

  1. A typical story of a TV playing in the waiting room. (p141)
  2. How the TV in your waiting room can work against you and your business. (p142)
  3. The only time I recommend a TV in your waiting room is under this circumstance. (p144)

Chapter 9: Your Environment is Your Brand: Humanize It!

  1. Does your waiting room have a soul or does it feel lifeless? (p150)
  2. How to decorate your waiting room with organic elements that humanize the space. (p151)
  3. Learn how to connect one of your passions or hobbies to your waiting room and pique curiosity among patients. (p157)

Chapter 10: Don’t Be a Square — Balancing Shapes in Your Waiting Room Design

  1. Are there too many square and rectangular shapes in your waiting room? (p170)
  2. Learn why your waiting room can feel “too square”---stagnant, not in-the-flow, out of date and boring and what to do. (p171)
  3. Waiting room design illustrations that break down how to balance your shapes. (pp174-179)

Chapter 11: Avoid This Lighting---Trust Me

  1. Learn what type of lighting contributes to sadness and depression. (p186)
  2. Learn why cool spectrum fluorescent lighting is bad for everyone's health and why Germany has banned it in all their healthcare facilities. (p188)

Chapter 12: Layered Lighting: The Secret Sauce

  1. What the lighting gurus know (and now you will too!) about using lighting to create a nurturing space everyone loves. (p192)
  2. Three easy ‘secret sauce’ lighting design tips for your waiting room. (p193)
  3. Inspiring lighting design illustrations in waiting rooms that make it easy to learn from. (pp196-203)

Chapter 13: Natural Light: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

  1. Learn how to take advantage of your natural light even when privacy is an issue. (p209)
  2. Understand the history of natural light and how it was utilized in hospital design in the mid-1800's. (p211)
  3. Learn the various window treatment options for your waiting room with designs that illustrate this. (pp215-228)

Chapter 14: Healing Art Changes Everything

  1. Evidence-based art and how it taps into the opiate rich centers of the brain to instantly relax your patients. (p237)
  2. Illustrations of healing art in waiting rooms (pp238-248)
  3. How to win your patients over with your artwork by creating an experience in your waiting room they can easily identify with. (p251)

Chapter 15: The Wisdom of Carpets, Rugs and Flooring

  1. Learn how the design of your flooring, carpets and/or rugs may be exacerbating vertigo (and other painful symptoms!) for adult patients with degenerative eye conditions or brain injuries. (p266)
  2. Waiting room design illustrations with the perfect flooring/carpet/rug selections. (pp271-276)
  3. Flooring options for you to consider including eco-friendly selections and rugs that prevent tripping hazards. (p269)

Chapter 16: The Hospitality Table

  1. Why the hospitality table in the waiting room is key to keeping your patients delighted and offering next level service. (p281)
  2. Three ways to set up the perfect hospitality table including what to offer your patients. (p282)
  3. How to keep branding consistent with what you place on your hospitality table and illustrations that show you how. (pp284-291)

Chapter 17: How Indoor Plants Can Badass Your Business

  1. Why people feel like they are in a special place when they are around healthy indoor plants.(p300)
  2. Learn the therapeutic qualities of indoor plants, the best ones for your waiting room and what plants to avoid. (p302)
  3. Detailed illustrations of indoor plants in waiting rooms. (pp306-314)

Chapter 18: If It Smells Bad, Here's What To Do

  1. When bad smells in your waiting room send your patients running for the hills, and never recommending you to anyone. (p318)
  2. Four easy ways to keep your waiting room smelling fresh, but not heavily perfumed. (p320)
  3. Learn about environmental aromatherapy and how healthcare offices are now using this technology to reduce patient anxiety. (p322)

Chapter 19: Uncover Your Genius and Stand Out from the Crowd

  1. Learn what it takes to uncover your genius in your waiting room design and stand out from the crowd. (p327)
  2. If you don't know where to start, begin with these three chapters. (p329)
  3. Learn what it means to have a wildly profitable healthcare business and be in service to your community. (p328)

Chapter 20: Final Waiting Room Words of Wisdom

  1. Why your patient-centered waiting room design is your biggest business ally in profits and compassion. (p333)
  2. The story of a successful medical practice that took my design advice and grew steadily through both economic recessions of the past decade. (p335)
  3. Enhancing your patient's experience is a the new big trend emerging in modern healthcare design. Don't miss the boat. (p337)

Buy both The Color Cure 2.0, The Complete Bundle + The Waiting Room Cure books and GET 30% off!

This is amazing and so easy to digest! We all know the value of word-of-mouth and Cheryl makes it very clear in The Waiting Room Cure that those referrals can happen as soon as your patient walks into your office. The book lays out all the steps you need and the best part is that she keeps your budget in mind! This book is your golden ticket to massively boosting your patient visits and revenues.

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, Author| The Maxim Movement

This comprehensive resource is empowering! It's easy to read, fun and simple to facilitate. All the tips and details you've ever wanted in one book. All of which can be applied to your personal life too. What a gem! Thank You Cheryl!

Cyndi Hackett| Certified Medical Herbalist



1) Who is this book for?

This book is for small business healthcare entrepreneurs like concierge medicine physicians, dentists, healthcare practitioners and wellness business owners who understand the emerging trend in healthcare design of enhancing the patient experience, and want to learn how to design their own patient-centered waiting rooms.

2) Who is this book not for?

Healthcare entrepreneurs who don’t believe (or care about) the research that shows the healing and financial benefits of designing a nurturing and safe space for patients and clients.

3) Is this book a replacement for working with a healthcare interior designer?

Yes and no. Yes, if you are on a budget and can’t afford the thousands of dollars it often costs to work with a healthcare interior designer and you have the desire to DIY the space on your own or with your team. And no, because this book can be a compliment to working with your healthcare interior design team. It will teach you the amazing ROI benefits of designing a nurturing waiting room and give you the visual tools you need to help you communicate your style and desires to your design team.

4) How long is the book?

The book contains 320 pages. There are over 100 high resolution waiting room design illustrations detailing each chapter’s design lessons.

5) What if I need more design support for my waiting room?

The book alone is very robust, however, if you want to go deeper into the design process with me and your colleagues, I offer a limited number of online design workshops and one-on-one design consulting. For more info, please email me here.

6) How long will it take me to read the book?

It depends on how fast of a reader you are. You might devour it quickly in one evening or you might savor it and read it slowly over time, absorbing the information at your own pace. Or, you might just skip to one chapter first, if, for example, you are looking for that perfect hospitality table for your waiting room.

7) Does the book teach me design theory?

No. There are plenty of books out there that can do that for you. Instead, the book answers all the design what, where, when and how-to’s of creating a patient-centered waiting room distilled in easy-to-digest chapters.

9) Will the book make me feel like a dummy because I don’t know anything about design?

No, it won’t. I understand how overwhelming it can be to select the best furniture, artwork, lighting, rugs and other design elements to create a deeply comforting experience for your patients, regardless if you are starting your practice in a brand new office or are in the process of redesigning or remodeling an old space you’ve been in for years. This book is easy to read and understand. There are over 100 exquisite and high resolution waiting room designs so you can sink deep into what inspires you.

10) What if I hate the book and want my money back?

No problem. I offer a 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

11) What format does the book come in? What devices can I read it on?

The book comes in a .PDF format which you can download right onto your computer, tablet or phone. There are over 100 high resolution design illustrations and will look best on your large computer screen.

12) How much does the book cost?


Still have questions?

Perfect. Send your questions here.

Buy both The Color Cure 2.0, The Complete Bundle + The Waiting Room Cure books and GET 30% off!

Cheryl Janis' The Waiting Room Cure is the kind of book dentists don't know they need.

It doesn't take too many pages before you realize Cheryl is truly a professional in what she does, and what she does is perfectly marry her expertise in warm, inviting interior design with the psychology of patients—and that's what I love about this book.

Cheryl designs with dopamine in mind and explains all her decisions with fact-based reasoning. Us nerds love that! She's giving you a how-to guide on creating a physical space that resonates with patients.

I encourage any dentist to look through The Waiting Room Cure, engage the questions and checklists Cheryl's provides, and put your office design to the test.

This a quick, practical and referenceable read that gives us a new angle to consider for making our patients super fans of our practices.

Howard Farran | Founder and CEO of, publisher of Dentaltown magazine