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OMG, OMG… The Wellness Design Podcast JUST. WENT. LIVE. on iTunes… and this is what I’m doing right now but in my PJ’s [See above giph.]

And I can’t stop dancing…


On the The Wellness Design Podcast, my wildly charming co-host Rhea Mader and I share personal and client stories, and easy wellness design tips to help you create nurturing and safe spaces that increase patient/client retention rates and grow your business.

I think you’ll love the show. 🙂

The podcast is now live on iTunes and I have a small favor to ask.

There are three small things that can help promote the podcast in big and magical ways.

Here’s how you can help:

  1.  Subscribe in iTunes to The Wellness Design Podcast here:
  2.  Download the latest 3 episodes
  3.  Leave us a 5-star review in iTunes – follow this link for detailed instructions on how to do this:

Leaving us a 5-star review in iTunes is the single biggest thing you can do to help us spread the good word about The Wellness Design Podcast.

Your review will mean the world to me and help us reach a wider audience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to subscribe and review the podcast.

I promise to show up every weekday [like I do here] and offer my wholehearted design advice on creating a nurturing wellness space that grows your business. That, and hopefully make you giggle a lot.

Again here’s how you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes:

And here’s the instructions to leave a 5-Star Review just in case you need the help:

With love and dancing feet,