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Last month my handsome man and I went to the local county courthouse to register to get married because… (drum roll please) ….we recently eloped!


The process was super easy and took less than ten minutes.

There was no line and the woman behind the counter was very cordial–she smiled and seemed great at her job.

But… I couldn’t help but feel sad.

Not for our marriage–I’m beyond thrilled about that. I adore my Love!

I felt sad for the woman behind the counter who (I noticed) sat in a windowless room all day at work under cool-toned overhead fluorescent lights.

I knew this environment was not good for her health and I also knew the majority of healthcare workers in this country experienced the same conditions–working in windowless rooms for several hours a day, five days a week.

My big message to you today?

Windowless rooms when given the chance can become exquisite healing spaces.

For example, artificial light (when used appropriately) can contribute to balance, well-being and a cozy feeling—reducing headaches and eye strain, among other problems normally associated with these types of antiseptic, emotionally cold spaces.


1. Invest in extra-large nature art. 

Just because you don’t have a window, doesn’t mean you can’t create a room with a view, by hanging a few 20″ x 24″ (or larger) nature art prints that feel like you are looking out a window.

Studies reveal that windowless hospitals rooms with artwork depicting nature scenes reduce pain and accelerate healing.

Makes sense right?

Hang the prints directly in front of the person working in the space so each time she or he looks up, they can rest their eyes on the beautiful image.

To get you started check out Unsplash for free resolution images you can do whatever you want with.

2. Paint your windowless room a beautiful soothing green or blue. 

Green and blue are both colors found in nature.

Right now, my favorite green (shown below) is Cay by Serena & Lily paints.

MY favorite blue at the moment (shown below) is Lagoon also by Serena & Lily paints.

Did you know that the color green lowers blood pressure and blue is a calming element that can bring much needed balance to your staff’s crazy, hectic days at the office?

Yup. And it can also make the world of difference for the patient experience when that windowless room happens to be an exam or treatment room.

Get the help you need in transforming your medical, health or wellness setting into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.

Love from a married woman,