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A common mistake I see doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, estheticians, healthcare practitioners and wellness business owners make in the selection of paint colors for their healing spaces is the wrong gray.

Gray on the walls (and/or ceiling) of your wellness space can feel earthy, grounded and comforting in the same way a soft, warm blanket can soothe a tired soul.

On the flip side, some grays can feel depressing, sterile, cold and edgy like a steel table in the operating room with sharp corners.

Over the years of designing healthcare and wellness spaces, I’ve fallen in love with certain gray paint colors and have seen their magic at work creating nurturing and safe spaces you, your team, your patients and your clients love!

Here’s one of my top 5 favorite gray paint colors from my ebook, “5 Perfect Grays for your next paint project and how to use them in your wellness and healthcare space”:

This ebook is part of a larger book package I sell called The Complete Bundle.

Here’s what The Complete Bundle comes with:

—> The Color Cure Book in .PDF Format
—> Companion Color Cheat Sheet
—> 20 Illustrations Of Paint Colors In Healthcare & Wellness Spaces
—> 23 Intelligent Paint Colors For Healing, Healthcare, Wellness & Medical Settings
—> 18 Paint Color Recipes For Healthcare And Wellness Spaces PLUS 8 Bonus Colors
—> 5 Perfect Grays For Your Next Paint Project And How To Use Them In Health And Wellness Spaces
—> Color Troubleshooting Guide – Answers To Common Questions About Paint Color Problems

If your healthcare office or wellness space is screaming for a new paint color,  The Complete Bundle is one of the most affordable ways you can get expert help selecting the right color for you and your healing environment.

Grab The Complete Bundle here:

Yours in bright beautiful rainbow colors on a sumptuous wall of gray,