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A few days ago, I hopped onto a quick Facetime call with my BFF and owner of Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Sulis needed my help in selecting new fabric for the ottomans [used as kitty exam tables] in her cat exam rooms.

These were her fabric requirements:

1) Pretty pattern, texture and soothing color that goes with the existing modern [and beautifully designed] exam rooms
2) Puncture resistant so kitty patients can’t get their nails in the material
3) Ink and stain resistant
4) Urine and feces can be easily cleaned
5) Can be cleaned with bleach, disinfectant and peroxide
6) No formaldehyde, heavy metal, VOC and PVC
7) Fungal and mildew resistant
8) Soft and comfortable to the touch

Maybe ten years ago you’d find fabric that fit some of these requirements but not all and most definitely not the eco-friendly or pretty or soft and comfortable to the touch quality for your wellness or healthcare space.

Most likely, all you’d be able to find was fabric that felt like rubber and off-gassed non-friendly fumes galore.

I’m thrilled to share that right now in 2017, you have plenty of gorgeous fabric choices to fit all your needs.

You can order these materials through any professional interior designer including me.

And if you have a need right now, send me a note here.

I can help.

Yours Wholeheartedly,