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Last week I had an extraordinary session with my acupuncturist.

It had been almost a full year since my last visit and because my hubby had been seeing her regularly, raving about her skills and how good he was feeling as a result, I knew it was time for me to make an appointment.

Jessica has a way of tuning into the body and understanding exactly what it needs to clear and heal.

She combines science with intuition in a way I’ve never quite experienced before with this modality.

She unblocked energy that had been stifled in my body, mind and spirit, and gave me clear and encouraging words for next steps in continuing my path to a higher place of well-being.

For the next two days, I experienced a very deep healing.

All the ch’i Jessica cleared allowed room for some scary emotions to come to the surface, be released and transformed.

There were definitely some challenging moments as I processed old stuff.

But.. after a short time, I started to feel my energy lighter and brighter than it had in a very, VERY, long time.

I’m familiar with this process, not only because of my own personal healing practices, but because I’ve been honored over the past decade plus to witness this unfolding for many of the healthcare practitioners I’ve designed spaces for, after I’ve helped redesign those same spaces.

Why Designing Your Healthcare Space is Akin to Healing the Body

Because the energy in your healthcare setting contains the same vital life force that runs through all our veins, the process of healing is very similar.

For example, if you haven’t cleared your clutter in a long time and get in there and do a BIG purge, you certainly might feel uncomfortable for the first few minutes, hours or a few days before moving into that delightful place of optimal health.

After all, you’d been living with all that stuff for a very long time. Now that you’ve released it, you might temporarily feel some emotions come up like sadness and grief.

This also can happen if you’ve been holding on to old furniture in your waiting room (for example) and suddenly you revamp the whole space, moving those tired pieces down the line and replacing them with new… everything [because it’s long overdue].

Don’t worry if this happens.

It’s perfectly normal. It’s also a sign that you are moving in the right direction of aligning a nurturing space with your compassionate practice.

And it’s a part of the growth process.

Being aware of this is important. Just as I’m experiencing the enormous health benefits of my recent acupuncture treatment, you, too, will feel the extraordinary benefits of designing a safe, beautiful and comfortable environment for everyone around you.

If it’s time to level-up your practice with a higher professional aesthetic, sign up for my complimentary design diagnostic here:

Yours in Health,