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This has been me lately.

Can you relate?

I’m seriously busier [I think] than I’ve ever been. **Giggling out loud.**

And I’m doing projects that deeply fill my soul.

Apart from writing you every weekday [which I love!] and working with clients, I’m starting a daily [M-F] podcast called The Wellness Design Podcast with my design-savvy friend and Healthcare Interior Designer Rhea Mader, who I adore.

Co-hosting with Rhea is a dream come true as she one of the few people I’ve met that also specializes in wellness design.

On the show, we’ll share personal and client stories, and easy wellness design tips to help you create nurturing and safe spaces that grow your business.

Plus, you’ll get TONS of design freebies that will help take your healthcare business to the next level.

[I’ll keep you posted on when the podcast goes live, pinky swear.]

And yet, in all of this, I’m having to take extra care of this almost 49-year-old body that is close to burning up at both ends, which, as a triple fire sign girl, I love to do.

I know, not sustainable, right?

Recently, I decided to give myself the challenge to intentionally slow down in the following ways:

*Walk slower
*Take a five minute rest break every hour
*Sit outside in the sunshine over my lunch break
*Meditate in the morning when I get up and in the evening before bed

So far it’s working. I’m committed to keeping myself in balance so I can continue to do the work I love.

What about you?

Send me a note here and tell me:

What are you doing during your work day to slow down and to stay in balance?

What in your wellness space encourages you [and your patients, clients and staff] to take it easier, breathe and balance the crazy energy of life these days?

I can’t wait to hear.

Yours in Health,