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You know those days when you’re at the office or in your wellness space and nothing feels right.

You have no idea why you feel kinda sad (other than the regular stresses) and yet this particular day feels like what my husband and I call those “poopie” days.

Somehow, naming a day after this emoji 💩 always makes me giggle and not take things so seriously.

Okay, so now imagine your patients or clients are feeling the same way.

Do you ever notice how on some days there’s a theme going on among your patients, like a bunch of no-shows or people are feeling extra grumpy, etc. and you end up scratching your head trying to figure out why? 🤔

This challenge in the healthcare space is one I have spent the last decade solving, one office, spa, clinic, etc., at a time.

And what I’ve found is that your artwork can play a big role in helping elevate the mood of people who are having a 💩 day. ūüôā

Enter evidence-based art (EBA).

EBA is the use of certain kinds of nature photography in healing settings to elevate mood, get people out of the hospital faster with less reliance on pain medication and help the body receive deep healing. There are dozens of case studies on this subject; it’s been studied since the 1970’s.

And yeah, I know. I’ve talked about artwork for your wellness space here and on the Wellness Design Podcast before.

And, I’m gonna talk about it again here today because I have found that healthcare professionals struggle in the area of what artwork to buy for their waiting rooms, exam and treatment rooms and other spaces in your office like the bathroom and the staff break room, etc.

3 ways to select the best artwork for your healthcare space

#1. Think about your favorite 3 places on planet earth. This might be Hawaii or Australia or New Zealand or somewhere in Africa. You love your favorite 3 places on the planet because of how they make you feel when you visit those places.

Okay now that you’ve got your favorite places in your mind, how about purchasing large 3′ x 4′ or similar sized prints of those places and hanging them in your waiting room and exam rooms?¬†

Not only would your healthcare office or wellness space look dynamite, it would help shift any cranky moods your peeps might be feeling into dopamine enhanced ones–where the viewer gets lost in the image and feels instantly better in her body.

And, when you’re feeling sad or down, you can take a 30 second break several times throughout your day and stare into your prints.

That’s called a win-win situation for everyone including your business. Your artwork creates a memorable experience, a feeling one your patients will want to return to over and over again.

#2. Do you love the city or town you live in and want to show it off to your community in your waiting room and exam rooms?

If so, think about hanging photographic prints (again around 4′ x 3′ or similar sizes) of landmarks in your city or town that everyone will recognize. For example, that might be images of Central Park if you live in Manhattan, or images of the Golden Gate Bridge if your office is in San Francisco.

What landmark is in your town and do you love it?

The science behind this awesome design trick is a little thing called the familiarity response.

In other words, when your guests walk into your spa waiting room or dental office or acupuncture reception area and they see an image of a well known place in their town or city, big and bright and bold and hanging on the walls, their brain sees something very familiar, and that familiarity decreases the stress response in the brain.

When your peeps see large prints of local places they’ve been to, they feel a sense of belonging.

This is an awesome design psychology technique and a huge aesthetic improvement to your space.

Make your people feel at home = a prosperous business.

#3. If numbers 1 & 2 don’t do it for you, then ask yourself, “What is my favorite nature scene?”¬†

Your answer could be a number of things like, “OMG, I love the beach, any beach!” Or… “The rain forests of the tropics are my favorite places in nature.”¬†

Any place in nature works here. The only caveat is that this place in nature must resonate deep within you.

So, maybe you love lakes or mountains or the high desert. Just choose one theme for each room in your wellness space (or one theme for your entire office) and purchase large (4′ x 3′ or similar sizes) to hang on the walls.

Nature themes in the artwork in your wellness space have been shown in case studies to activate those dopamine-rich centers of the brain.

Yup, your nature prints trigger that natural high feeling we all get when we are on our favorite hike or at our favorite beach in Hawaii, etc.

So tell me, out of the above 3 choices of artwork for your space, which one resonates with you the most? Send me a note HERE and tell me.

Yours in dopamine-rich design,