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There was a moment when I was a guest on The Beauty Biz Show when the host, Lori Crete, had a huge aha moment about the design of her spa business.

She asked, “Why does one of my treatment rooms feel so off?”

I quickly replied, “Tell me about the shapes in your room. Are there too many rectilinear shapes [i.e. doors, room shape, furniture, spa bed, etc.] and not enough curved shapes?

Her YES was so resoundingly powerful, she just about leapt out of her body.

[I love it when that happens.]

Through the next few moments of the conversation, Lori shared how now that she had the information behind the importance of balancing her square shapes with curved ones in a space to make it feel cozy, she was going shopping!

Sometimes it’s that ONE important design change in your treatment room, exam room or medical office that can create a space your patients and clients want to copiously hang out in and return to over and over again because it feels that good.

The same principal can be applied to balancing the warm colors and cool tones in your wellness space.

In The Color Cure on page 17, I discuss this subject and how many years ago while sitting in the waiting room at my dentist’s office, my anxiety started to climb through the roof, in large part, because of the overwhelming quantity of warm tones that dominated the space.

Here’s the science:

Colors have a temperature (measured in Kelvin), and the warmer the color, the higher the temperature.

The higher the temperature, the higher the anxiety levels are provoked in people.

It’s a simple enough concept, sure, but I find that it’s often overlooked because most doctors, healthcare professionals and wellness business owners don’t know about it.

For example, too many warm colors in a space is like sitting in the direct sun on a hot summer day and not having access to shade. And like sitting in the sun, the longer you sit there, the hotter it gets.

The more sensitive your nervous system, the more intensely you will feel these responses.

The opposite—too many cool tones in a room painted in cool white and pale grays—can leave patients feeling a flat, sterile emotional energy that is both uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to balance the cool and warm colors in your wellness space to keep your patient retention rates high and referral business flowing follow this link:

Cheers to you creating that perfect cozy vibe in your wellness space.