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Last week, when I walked into my client’s new 1,200 square foot psychoeducational evaluations clinic for children, a certain familiar soulful paint color simply showed up as they often do, in my minds eye, tugging at my ear whispering, “Yes, this color!”

After fifteen years of designing boutique healthcare offices and wellness-based service businesses, I’ve learned to listen, I mean really listen to that inner voice. She is always right.

“What was the color?” you ask.

Let me answer this question in a picture. See below:


The above image is a snapshot taken from my booklet 9 Perfect Grays for Your Next Paint Project and How to Use Them in Your Healthcare Space.

Tempest by Benjamin Moore paints is my one of my all time favorite dark rich purple grays that exudes luxury and tranquility when used in a healthcare environment.

I often suggest this color (as I did with my recent client) on the ceiling of her entire waiting room and hallway that leads back to the staff kitchen area.

The ceilings are about 12 feet high and with a darker color on the ceiling, the space feels more anchored (not so floaty and untethered feeling) and people spending time in the office can sink more deeply into their experience.

Here’s an example of Tempest used in a Naturopthatic Physician’s office.

A small 10 x 10 foot room with 12 foot ceilings and one of my favorite green colors, CAY from Serena & Lily Paints on the walls, from my book, The Color Cure 2.0:

If eggplant’ish purple lights you up, you’re going to love Tempest.

And if not, I’ve got 27 paint colors, 9 perfect grays, and 22 color palettes for you available in my complete bundle of The Color Cure 2.0 for you to play with that will. 😘

Learn more about what’s in the bundle here: