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Recently I had a blood draw as part of my yearly physical exam.

My hubby came with me for support because a few weeks earlier I went to the lab alone and almost passed out after the nurse tried in vain to squeeze five vials of blood from the only (little) vein in my arm she could find.

This is how I felt (sans the cute red dress):


The headache and dizziness became so unbearable and my body clearly was not “in the flow” so I asked the nurse to stop and decided to come back when I was feeling better.

I was very gentle on myself. Actually proud that I listened to my inner voice.

In Feng Shui philosophy, the flow of blood and the flow of energy or ch’i are the same and function in very similar ways.

Inside our bodies, our ch’i nourishes our organs and outside in our physical environments this same life force nourishes the air we breathe and the spaces we occupy.

My big message to you today is a simple reminder:

When things aren’t flowing in your body, your life… or your healing practice, don’t force it.

Listen to your intuition and your inner voice.

Give it some time and then come back in a few minutes, a few days or a few weeks later.

Ask yourself the question, “Where has the blood flow/energy of my space become stuck and how can I open it up to allow new energy, opportunity and richness to flow once again?”

When your healthcare practice is feeling stifled or sick, check in with how you feel when you are in the space.

Do you feel relaxed, peaceful and happy to be there?

Or do you feel nervous, uncomfortable, overwhelmed or tired?

Chances are what you are feeling on the inside is how the space feels on the outside not only to you, but to patients and staff, as well.

That second time I visited the lab for my blood work I was better prepared–well hydrated with plenty of rest the night before and my husband by my side.

And the truth is, had the sterile atmosphere of the lab with its white walls and overhead fluorescent lighting been designed differently with a more patient-centered approach, it would’ve helped me feel more relaxed, easing my anxiety about the procedure.

Your patient centered practice IS important.

Don’t forget it. 🙂

Your Biggest Supporter,