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My client’s chief complaint about his natural medical clinic was the interior green wall color of this two story building.

From my perspective, the natural lighting was phenomenal, but too many yellow and green accent walls amplified the disjointed, feeling in the space.

In my experience, when the outer environment feels confusing and distracted, the internal world of the business is feeling the same way.


I selected three colors for the new palette — blue, latte, and creamy white.

Blue (for the walls) is the color of trust and is a calming influence in our lives.

The warm latte colored paint on the ceiling helped cozy in the space.

New recliners were selected for the infusion bay where patients receive IV treatments for various health conditions.

The last evidence-based design element—a seven-foot wide living wall—completed this busy patient-centered practice with a serene and restorative environment.

Both staff and patients overwhelmingly love the new space.

Here’s what my client said about the new design:

“I knew a patient-centered design of our clinic’s facility played an important role in improved health outcomes and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t require as much budget as I’d thought.

Cheryl’s focus on creating an exceptional experience for the patient sets her apart from other designers!”

—Todd Maderis, ND | LAc
Founder and Medical Director, Marin Naturopathic Medicine | Larkspur, California

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