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Earlier this week I was on a guest for the second time on The DocPreneur Podcast with Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today and The DPC Journal. I’ll share the link with you here as soon as it goes live, pinky swear. 🖐🏽

During the interview Michael and I got real about the how to’s of creating that it-feels-so-good-in-here vibe in your waiting room, regardless of what type of healthcare medicine or beauty business you practice.

I shared one of my top design secrets to keeping your patients and clients returning and referring. That secret is simple: Create a living room environment in your waiting room, regardless of whether it’s a teensy medical space or it’s so big in here, what do I do reception area.

In fact, I spend a whole chapter in my book The Waiting Room Cure talking about exactly how to achieve this in your own waiting room, step by easy step.

Chapter 7: The Living Room Design Secret

  1. Learn what patients now crave in your waiting room design and from you. (p121)
  2. Learn what design elements are crucial to making your waiting room feel live a living room. (p122)
  3. Waiting room design details (and illustrations) that make patients feel nurtured and at home. (pp124-136)

What so uber-cool about this? There is actual science out there that supports you creating a home-like space in your office.

When your patient or client walks into your medical or healthcare office and it reminds them of being at home, their stress hormone cortisol is significantly reduced.

Yeah, that adrenalin feeling your patient has from stress and anxiety gets banned and sent to Siberia at least temporarily when they are basking in the colors and coziness of your space. Your waiting room does all of this oftentimes before your patient even arrives at the front desk.

The moment your patient or client walks into your office, she feels comforted by what is in your surroundings, aka your home-like cozy, deep breath, shoulders-relaxing kinda vibe.

This doesn’t mean you have to design a space that costs tens of thousands of dollars and styled for the latest issue of Elle Decor, but hey, if you want to, you can have that too. 😉

What this means is that you bring in design and decor elements that you would see in your home, or your bestie’s home like cute table lamps from your favorite retail store like West Elm or Crate and Barrel, for example. And round side tables from places like Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters or __________ (insert your favorite store here).

What’s so fun about this is that you get to bring your personality into the mix by selecting pieces you love and creating a room that whoever walks into, feels relaxed without you having to do anything extra.

I wrote The Waiting Room Cure to inspire and guide you to design your own waiting room yourself. The book has over 100 waiting room design illustrations to show you exactly how to DIY your own space, starting now.

And… if  you’re ready to give your office, medical space or treatment room a make-over with new paint, I just started running a special you might be interested in.

When you purchase the complete bundle of The Color Cure and The Waiting Room Cure together, you get 20% off the price or a $41.40 discount!

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Yours in friendly, relaxing and beautiful healthcare spaces,