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Earlier this week Rhea and I celebrated our seven-week anniversary of The Wellness Design Podcast.

As of today, 38 episodes have gone live with approximately 4,000 total listens.

Guess which episode has been the most popular so far? (with the most listens)

Truthfully, I would never have been able to guess which one without the friendly assistant of our podcast analytics.

The most listened to episode so far has been Episode #22 – TV IN THE WAITING ROOM – YAY or NAY?

In the episode, Rhea and I explore the pros and cons of having a tv in the waiting room and how this effects your patients’ perception of quality of care.

If you’re considering adding or removing a tv to or from your healthcare space, this episode is for you.

Tune in here and have a listen:

When you’re done listening to the episode, send me a note and answer this question:

TV in the waiting room; YAY or NAY?

Yours In Health,