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We all know going to the doctor for our yearly pap smear, getting a cavity filled by the dentist, or taking our pet in to be treated for an illness has historically been low on the list of what’s considered pleasurable and fun, am I right? 😳

Recently, I read a great article (an old article reposted in the Harvard Business Review) entitled, “Welcome to the Experience Economy” – by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore which explains clearly where people are now spending their money. 

In it, they write, “Today we can identify and describe experiences as a distinct economic offering because consumers unquestionably desire experiences, and more and more businesses are responding by explicitly designing and promoting them.”

And even though the article was first written in ’98, the experience economy is growing.

That means a few things for your business like:

#1: You’re making a smart decision when you paint the walls of your clinic, office or treatment room a soothing color that instantly relaxes your patients and clients.

#2: You’re not overthinking it when you want to place a beautiful table in your waiting room and decorate it with gourmet tea offerings and filtered water for your peeps with real cups that speak to your branding and the patient experience.

#3: And when it comes to selecting furniture in your waiting room, you consider curve appeal (i.e. round side tables instead of square ones) high on your priority list because you know the brain consider spaces more beautiful when there are plenty of curves in it.

When you use your medical or healthcare environment as part of the experience you are selling in your healthcare practice or beauty business, you are one smart cookie.

Why? Because staging an experience that is already included in your pricing sets you apart from the crowd. It creates a memorable experience that will create super fans among everyone who gets to enjoy being there.

And it’s part of the experience economy.

You design a positive experience that becomes memorable. Your patients and clients will return for the experience and will share that experience with friends and family.

The same ol’ same ol’ decor in your clinic or office just won’t do if you want to keep patients delighted, returning and referring.

Here’s a graph from the article that explains the progression of economic value:


To put this into very simple terms (you can read the article for the more complex version), you are creating value by staging an experience that changes what could very possibly be a negative experience (i.e. visiting the doctor) into a positive one.

Regardless of where you are in your practice (starting out or a veteran) and you want to improve the design of your medical office, beauty clinic or healthcare space, now may be the perfect time.


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Let the decorating begin!

Yours in the experience economy,