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A few days ago over my lunch break I drove myself to our local urgent care facility so a doctor could take a look at my swollen right middle finger which was turning a monkey poop green near the nail.

I know, tmi, right?

There’s a point to this, I promise.

The care provided by the staff, nurse and doctor who sliced open my finger and drained it was exceptional.

I wish I could say the same about the exam room where I was treated.

Here’s a picture of the space:

Your Wellness Design Pop Quiz for today is this:

Click this link right now and tell me at least four things about the design of this exam room that contribute to anxiety among the patients, nurses and staff?

Get at least three right and you’ll receive a free copy of my book, “The Color Cure: How to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint”.

Tomorrow, I’ll share more about my experience as the patient in this space and some of your answers.