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The first time the famous pop-singer Ariana Grande came onto my radar was a few weeks ago after a bomb went off just after her Manchester, England concert, killing 22 kids, injuring scores of other people and breaking the hearts of an entire city.

And even after that heart-breaking story came out, it wasn’t until a few days ago when she gathered her besties (like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and others) and returned to Manchester to perform a benefit concert to raise money for the Red Cross and the families who have been affected by this tragedy, that I really took notice of this brave young woman.

Ariana, a 24-year old and a Nickelodeon alum, showed up in a way that only an old soul could—giving 100% of her heart back to her fans who have held her throughout her 13+ year career by visiting her injured fans and families, penning an open heartfelt letter to the world, speaking out about peace and healing, and bringing love back to a city that is currently in collective grieving over this loss.

I tuned-in to the final song Ariana sang at her benefit concert, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and was in tears. You can watch it here.

Why am I sharing this with you today?

It takes courage to stand up in front of the world after a sudden tragedy happens in our community. It takes courage to be vulnerable in front of the world watching you and hanging onto your every word. And it takes courage to lead under that kind of pressure.

And that is exactly what you do for your patients, work family and community.

By offering a cozy living-room environment in your waiting room, you help your patients in all kinds of pain feel suddenly at ease, in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

By offering oversized evidence-based art on the walls of your waiting room, exam and treatment rooms, depicting deeply immersive nature photography scenes that tap into the opiate-rich pathways of the brain, you help your patients in all kinds of pain find relief, hope and optimism for a better future.

And by offering the kind of environment that makes your staff proud to work at your place of business, you put integrity back into the workplace.

By designing a patient and person-centered medical office or healthcare space, you, like Ariana Grande, help heal the world.

Love rules and so do you.