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Dr. Winchell came to me just before she acquired her new Naturopathic Medicine practice.

Her goals for the space included optimal organization, good flow and a place for her patients to feel exceptionally taken care of by her.

The office space was small (10′ x 10′) however, the ceilings were higher than usual, approximately 10′ tall.

Sometimes (and oftentimes) small can be better in achieving that cozy vibe your patients love.

It’s all about creating zones.


What once was a box was transformed into a nurturing doctor and acupuncturist’s office with well-defined areas for doctor/patient intake, exam/treatment zone, storage and specialty tea offerings.

Dr. Winchell’s practice is full. She and her patients love the peaceful and relaxed vibe.

Here’s what she said about the space:

“My patients love my new space! They say it is bright, but cozy and the dark ceiling feels like a hug. Cheryl’s design was a game changer for my business which is now expanding to health and wellness courses online. I’ve gained more respect from my patients and peers, and my confidence has skyrocketed during my meet and greets. I feel empowered in my work!”

—Michelle Winchell, ND | LAc
Naturopathic Doctor | Earth Friendly Medicine

My big message for you today?

Don’t let a small space fool you into thinking you can’t have a highly profitable wellness business.

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With love from your biggest supporter,