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Hi Sweet Peeps,

After Monday’s electoral vote solidifying Donald in his role as our next POTUS, my heart sank a bit.

To ease that tightening in my chest, I promptly opened up my browser to YouTube and typed in the words, “MOST POWERFUL MODERN FEMALE LEADERS.”

Naturally, Oprah showed up at the top of the list in a video of her 2015 Power of Belief talk at Variety’s Power Of Women luncheon.

As I stared into my computer screen, I allowed Oprah’s words to hold me like a soft oversized blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Here’s a story I hadn’t heard before:

Many years ago, Oprah was invited to spend ten days in South Africa with Nelson Mandela at his home, before she built The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg in 2007.

She was simultaneously thrilled and filled with anxiety. She said to her beloved Stedman, “What am I going to talk about [with Nelson Mandela] for 10 days? That’s 29 meals and it’s Nelson Mandela!”

Stedman calmly looked her in the eye and replied with, “How about you just listen?”

That was an aha moment for Oprah and in her retelling the story, one for me too.

Listening is one of the most powerful tools we have to empower ourselves and others.

All too often in our culture, listening has been deemed unproductive, while talking and taking action preferred.

Nothing wrong with taking action. I’m a triple fire sign and action is often my middle name.

But… as Oprah says, “First, we must listen to hear our soul.”

We must listen to learn how to be compassionate to ourselves and to the people around us.

And we must listen to feel empathy and build trust to empower ourselves and then others.

That got me thinking about you and your work partnering with your patients and clients to return them to a life fully-lived without pain and suffering.

Do you listen to your patients and clients or do you find yourself hurried and talking over them?

And when they do speak, are you stealing secret glances at the clock because you know your 15 to 20 minutes with them is going by too fast? And does it make your heart sink?

When you design a patient centered space for your peeps, they can rest easier and so can you.

Your nurturing and safe surroundings encourage you and your patients to take slow deep breaths and build a relationship of trust that lasts a lifetime.

Get the help you need to begin that process now:

As Oprah often says, “I’m rooting for your rise.”

I’m rooting for yours.