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Hi Peeps,

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on waiting room designs in my articles here. Now, I’d like to turn your attention for a moment to a treatment room.

This treatment room is one I designed in my CAD software specifically to teach you something you may not know about the design of your treatment room and how it may be hurting your business. (If you have a treatment room that has the same problem I’m illustrating here, don’t feel bad. It’s a common mistake.)

But, before I show you the pic (don’t scroll down yet), I want to say that this treatment room is opposite of what I recommend to create a welcoming and calm space where you patients can sink deep into receiving a treatment from you, and come out of it feeling like a new person. Aka, eagerly signing up for their next treatment and telling everyone how awesome you are. 😍

The truth is, there are several design elements present in this treatment room that have been proven to exacerbate anxiety and induce all kinds of icky feelings in your patients (and maybe even you) that are just plain bad for your business.

Without further adieu, here’s that room 👇

👉 Here’s your 5 minute homework (if you feel inspired to do it):

Send me a note HERE and tell me what the bleep is wrong with the design of this treatment room.

Next week, I’ll share some of your answers (with your permission) and I’ll show you the same room decorated a whole different way, a way that I wholeheartedly stand behind.

You’ll learn a ton. Pinky swear.

Waiting for your reply 🙋🏻‍♀️ (that’s me waving),