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Welcome to 2018! 🎉

We did it! We got through 2017 and I know you’re going to make milestones of magic happen in your business and your life this year!

To get the year started off right, I created a free mini wellness design podcast series for you (starting right now) as a companion to my book The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room into a nurturing and highly profitable referral magnet.

Once a week, for the next several weeks (in approximately 10-15 minute episodes), I will be going through various chapters of the book, sharing my thoughts and breaking down how to DIY your own waiting room according to the design principles presented along the way so your patients and peeps feel delighted with your space (and your services) every single day.

Today, I begin the series with Chapter 4: 👉 You’ll Never Get a Second Change to Make a First Impression! 👈

In this episode I share how to create a positive first impression in your waiting room and why it is crucial to keeping patients returning and referring.

Lean in and listen now:

Happy 2018! Let the magic begin! 💫