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Dear Ones,

Recently, I listened to the New York Astrologer Anne Ortelee’s astrology forecast for the current week we’re in.

The basic take-away can be summarized in this one sentence:

This week there is some bat-shit crazy energies flying around in the planets above that are amping up feelings of aggression, anger and sudden happenings here on earth that may feel like we’re being pulled down a rabbit hole. 

At first that thought made me feel like crawling under the covers of my bed and staying there for an infinite number of years, mainly four until the next presidential election.

After a few deep breaths, the idea came to me to come out from under my hidden safe space and amplify the love and positive energy in and around me in the same way Nike preaches their JUST DO IT slogan.

The next morning, I spent some time in my design studio amping up the love and Feng Shui in my Wealth Area which is a tiny kitchen painted in Benjamin Moore’s Kasbah [a gorgeous eggplant, by the way] and attaching 18 small golden birds in flight printed on gold foil paper to the wall.

I positioned the birds on the wall to fly upwards, symbolizing prosperity, freedom and gratitude.

So far my amped up love inside my heart and outside in my space is helping to keep me calm and stay in a place of love.

Fierce love.

I know I’m not the only one feeling heightened stress these days.

I know you [and your patients, clients, staff and colleagues] are feeling it too.

So what can you do in your wellness space at work to AMP up the love and stay sane this week?

Here’s two easy things you can grab onto now and run with:

#1 – Give yourself this assignment for one week:

You and/or your staff serve tea to your patients and clients in the same way a waiter would do at a cafe.

Use real cups, ones that your patients and clients can hold onto without burning themselves.

Throughout the process, advise your staff to take notes on how this helps your peeps calm down and relax into their bodies.

This one nurturing act of service can help keep your business flowing smoothly and keep fires out before they even begin.

And who knows?

Maybe you’ll experience such success with this new tradition, you’ll keep it moving forward after your one week experiment.

#2 – Next time you step foot into your wellness or healthcare space, I want you to diagnose one area in your space that just doesn’t feel right to you.

It could be an area in your waiting room near the bathroom, the bathroom itself, or that one treatment room that you and your staff like the least.

Describe in one or two sentences what it is about that area that feels off.  In other words, how does it feel to you?

Bringing awareness to what’s wrong with the area is the first step to creating a space that you, your patients and staff love.

Get more help here.

With [Fierce] Love,