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When I helped my clients at In-Symmetry Wellness Spa in San Francisco redesign their space, it was a few months before their super slow summer season kicked in.

One month after they installed my new design and into the summer, I sat down for breakfast with the owner, Candace Combs and asked her how the business had changed.

Here’s a bit of what she shared:

“The new design has helped us level up in every way. Clients respect us more while visibly feeling more relaxed and cared for. Staff morale and job satisfaction have gone way up. Practitioners tell me they feel proud to work here. Revenue has increased by 66.7% during the slow summer vacation season.”

She went on to share that while the business was experiencing higher revenue during the slow season for the first time ever, her colleague and local spa business owner was not, and remained in the cycle of slow.

I’m not sharing this with you to toot my own horn, although I do believe in the power of my gift. (I just saw the movie Wonder Woman over the weekend and am feeling pretty badass right now. 🙂 )

I am sharing this story with you today to show you how powerful this work can be to the dollars and sense part of your business.

It might be hard to believe that a new coat of paint and some new artwork on the walls could actually be a wise business investment and your return on it could mean on-boarding new patients or signing up new clients on the daily.

So what do you do when it’s the slow season and you need revenue coming in ASAP?

If you can only do one thing, dive into a purge session pronto.

That means rolling up your sleeves and clearing out old paperwork, files, boxes, stuff you don’t use, stuff you don’t love, stuff that’s just hanging around and put it in the blue bin or the black one.

What happens almost immediately is this; a new fresh energy comes swooping in replacing the old stagnant stuff you’ve just cleared out.

If you can do two things, purge and paint.

Start with your waiting room. Over a weekend or if you don’t have any clients or patients one weekday, put on some old clothes and get painting. Ask your team or your bff or your beloved for help.

Think of your new paint color as the match that lights your business on fire in a good way.

Over and over again, I’ve witnessed what a new wall color and clearing clutter can do for a business just like yours. These simple but effective acts of redesigning your workspace might just be the thing that resuscitates your business without a defibrillator.

If you need help choosing the right paint color, go here:

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about when and how to tweak the design of your wellness-based business.