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A few days ago I was the guest on the badass podcast, Profitable Practice Podcast with the wicked smart Andrea Maxim!

Andrea coaches Naturopathic Doctors all over the world on how to build wildly successful practices they love!

The podcast won’t go live for about one month, but when it does, I promise to share the link here.

I couldn’t wait to share part of the conversation we had which began with a question Andrea asked me about what to do with white walls in a treatment room that your landlord won’t let you paint.

Great question, right?

And the answer just might be your new secret superpower design tool.

So again, here’s the question:

What do I do when my landlord (or landlady) won’t let me paint my treatment room any other color than white?

And here’s my answer:

Not all whites are equal. And most likely (I’d put a big wad of money on it) the person who selected your current white wall paint probably chose the cheapest one available. Am I right?

If that’s the case (and we’ve established that it most likely is) the current white is probably uninspiring, cold and unwelcoming. Am I right?

So, here’s your secret superpower: Ask your landlady if you can paint the walls another white paint color of your choosing and you’ll pay for the paint yourself.

Yup, you heard me right. I’m advising you to repaint those white walls with another coat of different white paint.

Your landlord may look at you like you’ve just lost your marbles, even with all your professional training, haha.

What she or he may not know is that not all whites are created equal.

As I share on page 75 of The Color Cure, “Certain white paint colors evoke a dreamlike quality. White, when used to design a healthcare space appropriately, contributes to feeling light, comfortable and easy in the body. White is also associated with purity, healing, wholeness and completion.”

The right white paint on your walls can easily be the thing that helps your patients and clients relax deeply into receiving a treatment from you.

The right white paint on your walls can easily be the perfect backdrop for the most drop dead gorgeous flower wall art that sends your clients into a dream-like trance while you work your magic on their body, face or mouth.

To learn more about what white paint colors are the best choice for your treatment room, check out The Color Cure book options here:

Yours in White,