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Dear Ones,

Is this you?

You’ve either recently launched your solo wellness business or healthcare practice and have leased a room or two inside a clinic.


You’ve been a wellness or health practitioner for some years now but still do all of your healing and healthcare work with clients and patients in your single treatment room/office space that you rent.

Your landlady (or lord) is not that hip to the idea of redesigning the shared waiting room because of the funds involved to revamp the space, and you’re kind of embarrassed about the way it looks and feels.

That area doesn’t represent you (or your work) but there’s nothing you can do about it right now… so you accept it.

Next question.

What happens when your client’s significant other, or kids or bff, or sister or brother decides to tag along for support and wants to stay in the treatment room with you and your client/patient? How do you accommodate that person?

And how do you make them feel comfortable when your space is kinda small?

Do you:

a) Insist they wait in the ugly and not-so-comfortable shared waiting room?


b) Invite them into your treatment room to sit in a special area you have designed just for this purpose?

The answer is simple; You can do whatever you want.

But, of course… I recommend b.

Here’s what one of my clients did and it worked perfectly.

Indira Kuckreja, an Orthopedic Manual Therapist in Santa Rosa, leases one small room in a larger psychotherapy practice for her health business.

She’d been working out of that space for about a year before she contacted me for design help.

Indira wanted to create a comfortable seating area in her treatment room for her clients’ significant others who often came along with their partners for support.

Neither Indira nor her clients enjoyed spending time in the waiting room and so creating a comfortable guest area in her small treatment room for her busy practice became a high priority.

She didn’t have much of a budget; $500 to be exact.

Here’s the design I came up with. She installed it a few weeks later and loved it!


Here is further explanation about the above design:

1) The new bench is a comfortable place where clients’ guests can sit and relax and it also opens up to store pillows and other tools needed for treatment protocols. It was purchased at TJ MAAX for $285.

2) The round wood side table was also purchased at TJ MAAX for $85.

3) The indoor plant and spot light behind the plant on the floor was purchased at Home Depot for $80.

4) Two decorative pillows were purchased at Target for $25/each.

5) The black and white print was a gift and cost: $0.00

6) The remaining items were existing.

Problem solved!

Sometimes it takes a little thinking out of the box to come up with the best solution for your unique design needs.

Get the help you need to start creating a nurturing and safe healing space you and your work family love:

With love from outside the box,