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Fact: When nurses have a designated restorative area where they can easily take breaks from their stressful work days, they take better care of the patients they serve and are happier at work.ยน

Kind of a no brainer, right?

Give your staff, especially your nurses and high-functioning team members, a beautifully-designed room (yes, it can be small) where they can take rest breaks throughout the day, and they do better.


Plain and simple.

And when you include in this room things like a serene wall color, nature artwork, positive affirmations, a small kitchen, natural light, a place where they can socialize as well as an area for individual privacy, and comfortable seating… voila!—you’ve got yourself a happy team.

A happy team translates to higher job satisfaction, less staff turnover and a better investment in your bottom line.

Even a windowless room (like the one I designed above and below) can be transformed into a tranquil space.


My big message to you today?

It doesn’t take much to create a space for your work peeps.

In doing so, you create a closer work family, that, in turn, will take better care of your patient-family.

That’s you healing the world.

So tell me, how do you and your staff restore throughout the crazy, busy days in your practice?

Is there a private room somewhere in your practice where you can designate a staff lounge?

I can help you think outside the box.

If you’re ready to talk about a design project, read this.

Your Biggest Supporter,


1 – The Center for Health Design Case Study: Restorative Design Features for Hospital Staff Break Areas: A Multi-Method Study