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Imagine this:

You’ve been in practice or running your wellness business for some years now and you’ve invested in great marketing.

You’ve also invested in ongoing education or training within your expertise.

You consider it your highest priority to take the best possible care of your patients, clients, and staff.

And then one day, something happens that threatens to hurt your reputation in the community.

It was all a misunderstanding. Your client or patient became very upset about something you said or did, or the way it was handled and he or she shares that experience on Yelp.

Suddenly, you find yourself having to defend yourself [and/or your team] to other patients and clients who have heard about what happened and are shocked.

You have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and are losing sleep over the injustice of it all… and how the situation kind of blew up in your face.

Finally, your self-confidence has taken a hit. You feel defeated.

What do you do?

This actually happens.

For example, I knew of a well know doc in the community who had made an error in judgement with a patient which wasn’t entirely his fault.

It wasn’t a huge deal but it cost this doc his reputation, and it took him years to build it back up.

A patient-centered design can help you build and keep your great reputation in your community.

Here’s how:

#1 – When patients and clients adore the experience of being in your healthcare or wellness space, the perception of their quality of care increases exponentially and continues to grow. 

And when an unfortunate situation occurs, your peeps are more willing to believe in the goodness of you, giving you the benefit of the doubt.

#2 – When you take the time and consideration to help patients and clients feel more relaxed and welcomed in your space, you turn them into super fans for life.

And your peeps will stand behind you, just like the BeyHive [Beyoncé fans] does with their queen:

If you’ve been on the fence about redesigning your waiting room, treatment room or office space, now’s the time to hop off the fence and into 2017.

Get the help you need here:

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