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Once upon a time there was a healthcare practice that carried me through one of the hardest times of my life.

I was lucky enough to be a loyal client of this particular clinic, so I was not surprised when they won best Veterinarian(s) and best Veterinary clinic of the year award for several years in Portland.

Every time I stepped through the front door, I was always greeted with a warm smiling face that said, “Hello Cheryl, how are you?” (Yes, they always remembered my name.)

And after awhile I noticed that with each visit (no matter how stressed-out I felt), my shoulders relaxed and a deep wave of comfort washed over me.

I was offered herbal tea and a comfortable sofa for me (and my cat) to sit on while we waited for our appointment.

Soothing wall colors helped me relax and I felt safe to process what I was going through with as much ease as possible. (At the time my cat was dying.)

This clinic has grown steadily through both economic recessions (since 2008) and has recently expanded the practice to the upstairs space.

According to Dr. Esther Sternberg in her book, Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being:

“In healthcare practices today, what patients now crave is more attention to their states of mind and emotions, and to all those things in the environment that sustain them.”

Private healthcare practices (including holistic and integrative medicine) in the United States are growing.

(35% of the US population or one hundred twelve million people use these forms of medical care, outside medical insurance.)

And… more visionary healthcare practitioners are integrating healing environments into their practices as part of their whole health medicine philosophy.

Studies show that giving and receiving compassion stimulate the pleasure centers of our brain and has been associated with lower stress levels and quicker recovery from illness.

Compassion also increases our life span.

Your healthcare environment can reduce stress and increase the healing power of your compassionate care, without compromising your financial bottom line.

Your investment in creating a healing space for your patients helps boost return visits, word of mouth referrals and a higher quality of work life for you and your staff.

What’s a big emerging trend in modern healthcare design? Enhancing your patient’s experience.

So tell me, “How does compassion show up in your practice?

Is there something you (and/or your staff) do to make your patients feel extra comfortable?”

I’d love to know.

Send me a note.

Yours in Health,

P.S. Curious about the amazing Veterinary practice I mentioned in my story? She also happens to be one of my clients. Learn more about Mount Tabor Veterinary Care.