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When she walks into your waiting room and is greeted with uncomfortable chairs that hurt her back, she won’t tell you.

When he finally finds your office after asking your neighbor for help because your signage is old and worn down just like your waiting room, he won’t tell you.

When she feels fidgety in her chair because of her increased anxiety after looking at your product posters on the walls of your reception, she won’t tell you.

And when her head starts to hurt after sitting under the fluorescent lights in your waiting room, she won’t tell you.

She won’t tell you and she won’t come back.

Just like that, you’ve lost her.

She won’t write a 5 star yelp review about you no matter how excellent your skills and bedside manner are.

She won’t recommend her experience to friends and family or on social media.

She will keep quiet about her visit and shake her head no when her friends ask if she recommends your services.

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Your Biggest Cheerleader,