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One of the biggest Feng Shui questions I’m asked is, “Where’s my money corner?”

It’s a great question and a huge reveal when I point out where your zone of prosperity lives in your workspace and what items in it represent your relationship with the green stuff.

For example, I’ve seen toilets in the money zone (money down the drain!), or piles of paperwork, a messy desk or a disorganized junk pile that keeps your mind cluttered and reveals money-energy blocks.

The magic of Feng Shui is this:

What you feel on the inside (good or bad) you intuitively place in your external spaces, including your healthcare space. When you understand this concept and see something that doesn’t feel good in your money area, you can easily make changes to remove blocks, release old stories and let the wads of money bucks start to come in.

On episode #39 of The Wellness Design Podcast, “Is your money in the toilet? What does the Feng Shui Wealth area say about your business?”┬áRhea and I break down the where, how and what to do with your Feng Shui green zone and what it all means to your business.

If you’ve ever wondered about Feng Shui and how it works to help or hinder your relationship with money, this episode is for you.

Tune in here to listen now: