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Dear Ones,

Today’s design lesson is about the Feng Shui design concept of love.

Specifically, I want teach you how the love of your patients, clients, work peeps and self love (or lack of it) shows up in your wellness or healthcare space.

And… what you can do to improve or change it, if and when you are inspired to do so.

But, first, here’s a quick definition of Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art of how energy moves in a space to improve our quality of life.

For example, when there’s a ton of excess clutter in a space, that area can feel stagnant, heavy and even depressing. But, once the area is cleared out and cleaned up, there is a lightness that takes over and an opening at the body level that everyone can feel.

That’s Feng Shui.

Another example, is when someone is very sick in a room for a long time. After awhile the room feels heavy, stuffy and dark, and guests want to get in and out as quickly as possible every time they visit.

But… when the sick person is well or during their illness, when sheets are washed, windows opened, incense lit, or essential oils sprayed in the room, suddenly the space feels inviting, happy and hopeful.

That’s Feng Shui.

There’s a fun energy map that you get when you start studying about Feng Shui. It’s called The Bagua Map and it is superimposed over any space—your home, your business, your treatment room within a clinic, your waiting room, or office space.

Here’s a quick pic of a Business Bagua Map that I created:


The Bagua Map divides your business space, treatment room or other area of your choosing into 9 life sections—family, wealth, recognition, love, creativity, helpful people, life path, wisdom, and the center which is health.

Notice where the LOVE area is on the map.

Your LOVE area in your healthcare or wellness space is where the energy of client and patient love, work relationships and self-love exists.

You can find your LOVE area by standing outside your front door or the door to your treatment room (for example), then walk into your space and head over to the rear right of the building, room or area. Now, you should be standing in your LOVE area.

So, what’s there?

Is it a bathroom that makes you want to hurry up and pee and get the heck out of there as fast as you can. Or does it feel rich with beautiful colors, sensual, uplifting, and optimistic so that when your peeps visit the area, they feel your love?

Or… maybe it’s a corner in your treatment room where you’ve stacked a bunch of boxes and covered them up with a piece of fabric. And now that area is pretty much a dead zone. What does that symbolically say about your relationships with your clients or patients?

Over the years, I’ve seen magic happen when my clients have redesigned their LOVE areas in both their business spaces and at home.

At work, you feel happier, patient and staff relationships improve, and your perfect clients suddenly start to show up as if you’ve put in a direct request for them with the Universe.

My lesson today is to give you the tools you need or the Feng Shui eyes you need to see clearly and rearrange your LOVE area so that it perfectly reflects your love for your peeps.

You get to decide what symbols, artwork, and other decor reflect this LOVE.

One quick way to spruce up your Love Area is to paint the walls in that space a beautiful, nurturing color. If you don’t know where to start, get the help you need here:

With love from my LOVE area to yours,