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What do you do when you are smack dab in the middle of a stressful build-out for your practice or healthcare business and the contractor gives you three carpet choices, and haphazardly (because you are making a zillion decisions) you select the carpet with stripes because you didn’t really know what else to do.

It seemed like the right choice at the time, right?

Then, after it’s professionally installed, you realize when you look at it, it makes you feel a bit woozy, unsteady on your feet, kinda like you are standing in the middle of a freeway and you wonder, “What the heck did I just do and how are my patients going to feel?”

I see this happen often and I wish it didn’t.

The truth is that many patterns on flooring (including carpets, rugs, tiles, marmoleum, etc.) are bad for your health. I’m not just picking on striped carpet here.

When your patients and clients suffer from any type of degenerative eye condition, brain injury from a car accident, are extra sensitive (and most people are extra sensitive when they are in pain,) etc., etc., etc., a striped or bold pattern on your flooring can contribute to a bad experience when they are in your office.

And they might not want to come back.

There’s a reason David Lynch chose a crazy zig-zag pattern for the flooring in the “Red Room” scenes in Twin Peaks.

So, aside from hiring a healthcare interior designer who understands these things, what do you do with your existing striped carpet and how do you select the best flooring for your healthcare space?

And moreover, how does the right flooring contribute to your space feeling nurturing, relaxed and friendly (and keep everyone steady on their feet)?

I’m having a free  👉 webinar 👈 next Tuesday, September 12th at noon Pacific time (over lunch) where I will answer these questions and share how to avoid the worst 3 design disasters in your waiting room.

My goal for the webinar is to arm you with essential knowledge that gives you the smarts to make informed design decisions about your waiting room when the time comes for your to redesign or remodel it.

Just for showing up to the webinar, you will receive a juicy free chapter of my new book, “The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room into a nurturing and highly-profitable referral magnet.” 

Your (free) sample chapter is Chapter 4: You’ll Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression. In it you will learn how to create a positive first impression in your waiting room with over a dozen high-resolution color design illustrations to demonstrate this.

And, if you weren’t able to take advantage of my 24 hour book sale last week, you’ll get another big fat 25% price discount on the book, again, just for showing up to the webinar.

I will also be talking about my new Online Design School for Healthcare Entrepreneurs, in case you’d like to dive deeper into learning how to DIY your waiting room.

I’ll give you all the details on the webinar!

For now, please accept my invitation.

Simply click this link to register: (It’s super easy to sign up and will take you about 5 seconds.) 

I’m excited!

Talk soon,