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Last week, I was having lunch with my designer friend Julia, when the conversation turned to decorating ceilings.

(We’re designers, we totally geek out on stuff like that.)

She shared her recent experience of getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist.

While reclined in the dental chair, Julia’s eyes shot up to the ceiling and followed a certain crack she couldn’t take her eyes off of.

As she put it, “There was nothing else to look at besides an unfriendly fluorescent light fixture and an uninspiring overhead blanket of white”.

The point of my note to you today?

When designing your healing space, don’t forget about your ceilings. They can be your BIGGEST ally in creating a nurturing environment.

Those overhead walls are an opportunity to enhance your patient’s experience and improve patient outcomes.

When given the proper design treatment, your ceilings can help your patients relax, release muscle tension, decrease anxiety and create a positive distraction.

And that is great news for your business.

As renowned Healthcare Interior Designer Christine Guzzo Vickery shares:

“The patient experience is at the core of all good healthcare design.

From check-in to check-out, every aspect of clinic design impacts the patient experience.”

I totally agree and… yes, that includes your ceilings.

“What do I do with my ceiling then?”, You ask.

Here are three of my favorite design tips for your overhead walls:

1–Ditch the white and paint your ceiling a medium to dark color.

I’m not saying to paint your ceiling a neon pink or red. Instead choose a soothing medium or dark gray/blue, coffee/cream or lavender/rose.

My client Dr. Adam Diesburg’s dark waiting room ceiling extends throughout the entire dental practice (and everyone loves it!)

2–Hire a local artist to paint a ceiling mural that connects to your patient demographics.

For example, if you are a pediatrician, you might hire a local artist to paint a scene on the ceiling from a well-loved story book.


If you serve the general population, you might hire an artist to paint an exquisite scene from nature on your ceiling with loads of luscious detail for your patients to get lost in.

3–Install or replace your white ceiling tiles with artificial sky tiles or ceiling panels.

Here are few favorite examples:


Imagine looking up at this beautiful scene.

Pretty fun ideas, right? (By the way, the ceiling tiles cost less than you think.)

Now tell me, which of the above three ceiling design ideas inspire you most and why?

Get the help you need to redesign your wellness space now.

Yours in Health,