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Dear Peeps,

During my last six-month teeth cleaning, the dentist [who also happens to be my brother] was checking my bite to make sure my upper teeth were in correct alignment with my lower ones.

I know, fun stuff, right?

I made him adjust my bite a bajillion times until it felt just right, like Goldilocks when she found the perfect bed in the Three Bears’ house.

And I kinda felt bad about being so fussy.

My compassionate brother, the dentist, gently responded with, “You know, Cheryl, one of my dental professors once told me that when it comes to our teeth and the environment inside the mouth, a millimeter feels like a mile.”

I felt reassured and relaxed back into the chair.

His phrase illustrated a way to ease your patient’s nerves and show compassion.

That same phrase can also be applied to how your office, treatment room, exam or waiting room feels.

Here’s how:

1) When there is a cup of hot herbal tea available to your anxious patient or client sitting in the waiting room… a millimeter feels like a mile.

2) When the first thing your patient sees upon entering your wellness or health space is a beautiful plant, a water feature or a gorgeous blue paint color on the wall that helps to release their shoulders down a few inches… a millimeter feels like a mile.

3) When the lighting in your waiting room and treatment rooms feels soft and gentle to the nervous system and opposite of that harsh and glaring effect that comes from those overhead fluorescent tube lighting…. a millimeter feels like a mile.

My big message to you today?

It doesn’t take much to start creating a nurturing and safe space for your patient peeps that will keep them coming back for more and referring you out to their friends and family.

Get the affordable help you need to start your design project now. It begins here:

And remember… a millimeter feels like a mile.