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Recently, I had my ears thoroughly cleaned out by an audiologist.

It took 15 minutes and cost me $25 out-of-pocket, no insurance involved.

The audiologist was super friendly and offered to show me what my eardrum looked like by gently inserting a small device into my ear.

Suddenly, my eardrum appeared big on the computer screen in front of me.

Very cool.

The building itself had an abundance of live plants and the waiting room design offered something special that instantly instilled a deep sense of calm throughout my entire body.

The large flat-screen tv hung on the wall showed moving nature images similar to your favorite screen savers in high definition.

The images on the video were majestic.

Me and the three old ladies sitting in the waiting room were instantly transported to far off exotic places including the lush green tropics of Fiji and the rainforests of Brazil.

The time spent in the waiting room passed by so quickly, I barely heard the audiologist call my name.

My big message to you today is one you’ve heard me say before:

It doesn’t take much to start creating a wellness space or healthcare setting that turns first time visitors [like me] into patients for life.

And even though I don’t need my ear canals cleaned out that often, I can’t wait to go back to my new audiologist.

My experience there was so positive, I’ve been telling my friends and community about it every chance I get.

When your medical office or wellness space is in alignment with your compassionate care, your patient retention rates surge and your referral business grows.

Get started on creating a space your patients and clients love here:

With love and a squeaky clean ear canal,