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A couple of nights ago there was a big storm that took out the power in almost the entire town where I live.

Now, normally I love me a good storm. I get all wrapped up in a cozy blanket and listen to the high gusts of wind bending the trees forwards and backwards like a teacher with her students in an advanced Ashtanga yoga class.

But, this night was different. Neither my hubby nor I were prepared for the power to go out.

That meant we had only two candles in the house, no wood around for our wood burning stove [with the electricity out, we couldn’t turn on the heat] and a refrigerator half full. [I’m a full glass kind of gal.]

Hubby was calm and decided to nap on the sofa.

Me on the hand? I felt anxious, restless and unable to find my center.

With no electronic distractions available and feeling unable to calm myself in the moment, I turned to the kitchen.

I put on my headlamp, set it to high, and began to make a delicious tofu and zucchini tacos dish for dinner on our gas stove.

It was a positive distraction from feeling the fear over the storm… and it worked. I felt better.

Positive distractions are important in calming the nervous system.

Just like cooking distracted me from focusing on my anxiety over the power outage, your patients and clients can find comfort and calm in the design of your health or wellness space.

When, for example, large nature prints of old Oak trees set in the early morning light are hung on the walls of your waiting room, your patients can imagine themselves in the scene and feel distracted from the worry of their pain or health condition.

Suddenly, your patient is transported to a calm place and all that anticipatory anxiety of coming in for their appointment begins to melt away.

Minutes no longer seem like hours and finally, that built up tension is starting to soften.

Your wellness, medical or healthcare space can make a huge difference in your patients’ lives.

When you create an environment that speaks to the biological, psychological and spiritual needs of your clientele, you win your peeps over for life.

And you help create a financially vital wellness business that you and everyone around you loves.

Get the help you need to begin that process now:

Yours In Health,