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There is nothing scarier than waiting at the hospital for your teenage daughter while she is undergoing major spinal surgery to cure the scoliosis that had been debilitating her body for the past year.

This story was recently told to me by a new friend while we were on a walk in our neighborhood.

The thing that got my new friend through those gut-wrenching hours of waiting in the hospital while her mind was churning with fearful thoughts?

Pharrell’s song, “Happy.”  If you’re curious about the song, watch the video.

This adoring mother, in the mist of all that fear…. suddenly heard the song playing over the hospital speakers and, just like that, she felt a wave of peace wash over her entire being.

And that peaceful feeling quickly shifted into a place of Love.

Music can do that, you know.

Studies reveal that when music makes a person shift from a stress mode to a relaxed mode, the heart-rate variably shifts from the adrenalin-driven, sympathetic pattern to the more changeable pattern of the parasympathetic relaxation response.

That’s the fancy way of saying what every one of us has experienced–music can be therapeutic and helps relieve tension fast.

My big message to you today: Sometimes it is the smallest design element in your practice that can create the most impact.

Music is one of those.

Spend some time selecting music for your practice that is relaxing and joyful to you, your patients and your staff.

You never know what a song playing in your healing space can do for a person what Pharrell (and the hospital playing the music) did for my friend.

Yours in Health,

P.S. By the way, my friend’s daughter is now back at school, feeling happy and healthy, and doing normal, fun teenage stuff!