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When our 6-month year old Ragdoll kitten, Rafa, makes biscuits on the bed with his paws, my heart melts.

That moment of kitten-paws-biscuit-making coupled with extreme purring is a moment that brings me pure joy.

In that moment [and when I allow it], nothing else matters except a delicious sensation I can feel from my head to my toes.

My body gets all gooey in a good way, my nervous system calms down, my blood pressure stabilizes and my mind can take a break from thinking about my to do list and the million and one things I want to get done that day.

My big message for you today is this:

When you can create an opportunity in your work space to break the cycle of pain your patient or client is experiencing in the moment, you’ve won them over for life.

When you can offer a moment of laughter in a humorous piece of art on your wall [for example] that helps your patient rejoice in the moment, you are helping to heal the world.

Over the many years of designing wellness spaces, I have found that it’s often the simple design elements in your wellness space that are the most powerful.

You don’t have to get all fancy by paying out the wazoo for a bronze sculpture in your waiting room, for example.

Instead, you can decorate the room with your revolving art collection of Bonsai plants [like my client Dr. Adam Diesburg does] that encourages curiosity and conversation among patients, and between patients, doctors and staff.

Your simple, but intentional placement of your African elephant photography collection [another example] can bring a much needed smile to a patient or client who, too, loves the happy nature of the gentle giants.

For my Veterinary client, Dr. Kristin Sulis, when she first open her pet clinic in 2008, Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care, she selected a pineapple chandelier for her waiting room because it made her smile big every time she saw it.

So tell me:

What brings you the most joy when you are working in your wellness space?

Is it the way your patient lights up when they are visibility relaxed and put at ease by something in the environment along with your compassionate care?

Or is it the way your floor and table lamps create that cozy, nurturing vibe of being at home?

Send me a note here.

And if you need help diving into that design project, get the help you need here:

With love from me and Rafa,