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I recently received an email from a doctor who had to set strong boundaries with patients due to increased emotional tension in the waiting and exam room.

In her words, “Stress is at an all time high. People are angry and they are taking it out on us.”

One of the biggest challenges I see these days among busy wellness professionals and healthcare practitioners is an increased agitation among patients and clients, and the inability of practitioners and staff to effectively manage and offer calming support.


Yes, you, your clients, patients and staff may be feeling an overwhelming influx of stress these days.

There is uncertainty all around us including #45, who is signing executive orders that are putting many of us into a state of panic.

And yet….

You have a unique opportunity to instill hope and optimism in the design of your space and love into the hearts of your patients.

For example, by hanging a large beautiful nature art print on the walls of your waiting room, you can instantly create sanity in a crazy world.

And by painting your walls a soothing color [like blue], you can help your peeps relax their shoulders and settle into a space of feeling held.

When your clients are rushing around trying to get work and errands finished and it’s a full moon or Mercury is in Retrograde, your space oftentimes become someone’s only refuge.

My big message for you today?

Don’t take in other people’s problems.

You can hold space for them.

You can comfort them.

You can give them hope.

And remember:

  1. Blue walls lower your metabolism.
  2. Soft lighting eases your mind.
  3. Nature art reduces pain.

Get the help you need to start your design project now:

With love and calm,