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Last week I was combing the aisles of a local pet store searching for the perfect kitten food for our new furbaby and I left the store empty handed.

They didn’t have what I wanted.

And as I was leaving something really cool happened…

The sales person behind the register stopped what he was doing, looked at me in the eyes, smiled and said, “Have a nice day!”

No big deal right?

It was a big deal for me.

I was more than four feet away from him. He was super busy with another customer.

And I didn’t buy anything.

And yet… those four words left a sweet mark on my heart like I had been softly kissed on the cheek. [Nope, he wasn’t flirting with me.]

I walked into the parking lot towards my car thinking, “Woah, that small personal touch made me want to come back.”

His words made my soul smile and that sweet energy lingered for long after I was gone.

That experience reminded me of how I feel after I’ve just visited my favorite healthcare practitioner in her or his patient-centered healing space.

I feel revitalized and supported on my wellness journey.

So tell me?

Is there something in your wellness or health space that leaves your patients or clients smiling on the inside long after they’ve left your building?

Is it the big smiles and love vibes your team members radiate because they enjoy their work and are happy to be there?

Or is it that inexplicable feel-good-in-the-body sensation just being in your space exudes from the moment your patient or client walks through your door?

If you’ve been on the fence about creating changes to the design of your waiting room, exam room or your entire clinic and it’s been in the back of your mind for awhile, now might be the perfect time to start without investing a ton of money.

My book, “The Color Cure: How to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint” takes the oftentimes overwhelming task of selecting intelligent paint colors for your space and breaks it down into easy solutions you will love.

Learn more about the book here:

Yours in Heart,