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When a new psychiatrist hired a professional interior designer to redesign his entire office he thought his design would be loved by all.

One day after picking up his 3-year old daughter from pre-school he had to make a quick stop at his newly designed office.

As soon as the little girl arrived to the front door, she suddenly flinched back in fear and refused to go in.

She told her Dad his space felt icky and he could see by the look on her face she meant it.

Later he shared, “If my 3-year daughter feels repulsed by my office space, how will my patients feel about it?”

This story was told to me by my co-host Rhea on today’s episode of The Wellness Design Podcast.

The subject of the show is when to listen to your gut in the design of your wellness space.

What do you do when you feel something in your wellness space, clinic or healthcare facility is just not right?

Do you:

a) Ignore it and live with it as is
b) Do something about it right away

Listen in to today’s episode to find out when it’s best to take action on something in the design of your wellness space your gut tells you is wrong:

Love from me and my gut,