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Hi Peeps,

Does the budget of your healthcare practice or wellness business ever keep you up at night? 😳

You’re not alone.

The one thing in common with every healthcare professional I talk to (well, almost everyone) is not understanding how much money to invest in a high-value, high-touch waiting room design.

I know not knowing how much to spend on stuff that has to do with improving your business can freak you out.

And I know that every day when you walk into your outdated waiting room, you feel that pang in your heart that knows it would be better to upgrade your professional aesthetic and not feel embarrassed with how the space currently looks and feels.

When your waiting room makes your guests feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, it’s a big downer for everyone, including your business.

And, seriously, it’s not your fault. You are friggin’ BUSY running your business and doing all that it takes to be successful and sustainable in the current healthcare market, while offering your patients and clients lots of value when they come for a visit with you.

I’ve been studying this challenge for about a year now to find a solution that won’t make you feel sick to your stomach with sticker shock like you’ve just been stung by a swarm of bees.

And yeah, the market is flooded with furniture and design items for the DIY’er and yet, that, too can feel overwhelming. For example, how do you know how long those chairs for your waiting room will last you and what happens when someone spills some coffee on them? And what is a good investment?

These are questions I’ve been exploring and, after listening to you, I’ve come up with a visual tool that will help you understand your budget before you even begin your project.

I’m currently creating a budget guide for healthcare professionals called, What Is My Budget? High-value waiting room design: A budgeting guide.”

This guide will visually walk you through what your investment of a patient-centered, feel-good, dopamine-enriched waiting room design looks like according to the size your space and how many guests (and their family and friends) hang out there during your busiest time.

I’m so excited to share something with you that will provide you value and help you feel less stress when thinking about these things.

You won’t be able to find my What Is My Budget guide broadcasted anywhere online. I’m only offering to you if you ask.

If you’re interested in starting a conversation about the budget of your waiting room because the thought of “I/We can’t afford this” is keeping you from making changes, send me a note now.

Let’s talk.

Yours in good, smart design,