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I recently worked with one of my favorite clients who shared that after she redesigned her treatment room, something she couldn’t identify was not quite right.

I knew it was time for a tweak.

After our session, I gave her the following easy design homework:

1) 1 new plant
2) 1 White Tara Thanka and Painting that looked like this:

3) And one small white Quan Yin Statue she already owned but moved into her treatment room.

Here’s what she said about the results:

“I am amazed at how the plant, the Quan Yin statue, and the White Tara Thanka hold the space for me. I feel my third eye chakra open when I am in the space.”
—Lilah Wallach, Certified Rolfer, Portland, Oregon

Tweaks in your design give you a whole lot of bang for your buck.

They can and do transform a missing element or a missing feeling in your treatment room, waiting room, exam room or other area in your wellness-based business into feeling finished in much the same way, a certain spice can change a good tasting dish to an exquisite one.

Tweaking can be the missing link to turning your space into the wildly compassionate money-making business of your dreams and the experience your patients and clients suddenly start talking about… to everyone.

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Let’s do this.